How and Why it works

This face cream has been designed to:

  • stimulate the immune system locally within the skin
  • control skin pathogens, bring about a lipid balance (eliminate oily, dry, and/or combination skin)
  • eliminate toxins stored in the skin and subcutaneous fat layer.

The core causes of most skin conditions are :

  • skin pathogens
  • lipid (oil) imbalances
  • inflammation
  • insufficient collagen and elastin production.

A natural, 24k gold face cream that restores skin vitality and overall appearance.

The 24k gold, pure silver, organic botanicals and nutrients in Skin of Gold™ face cream address all of these problems. Each core cause is addressed by several of the ingredients in the formula. They are combined in an exquisite ratio that allows each ingredient to compliment and magnify the positive effects of all the other ingredients.

Do we really think that this is the only skin cream that’s worth using? Hardly. There are other great products out there that, to one extent or another, have accomplished some of these goals. All of the effective products in the marketplace ARE EXPENSIVE. Many are largely organic and natural, resulting in a short shelf-life. The natural, organic preservatives really don’t work well. Most consumers of these high-end products can’t use up the product fast enough to prevent waste.

Cosmetic product forums and newsletters are cluttered with complaints about these very expensive products supporting bacteria or mold and/or smelling rancid, even when stored under refrigeration.

Skin of Gold™ is a completely non-toxic, well-preserved, stable formula. The formula is unique in many ways. Do you know of any other products that contain 24K gold and pure silver in mono-atomic and angstrom-size particles with organic essential oils, botanical and nutritional ingredients?

Skin Purification:  how Skin of Gold™ works

The 24k gold, pure silver, zinc, vanadium, and chromium selected for our face cream are in a colloidal form. The particle size of these minerals is extremely small. They are monoatomic (single atom) and angstrom size (smaller than a millionth of an inch) particles. These tiny particles can easily be absorbed transdermally (through the pores of your skin). This is the most effective way of delivering these mineral nutrients into your body.

The sources of the organic botanicals, essential oils and nutrients in Skin of Gold™ are highly reputable and only handle the highest quality products that have been processed and packaged in a state of the art manner.

By stimulating the body’s defense mechanisms and creating a heightened awareness of the imbalances and underlying causes of your skin problems, your skin is restored to a vibrant and radiant state.

The skin is the largest organ of the body. It has various functions, including being a wrapper to keep out pathogens and keep in vital body fluids. It is an organ of elimination: bodily wastes and environmental toxins are eliminated through the skin.

Many people who use this product report noticeable improvements in their skin. The process and experiences vastly differ from one person to another. For some, bumps, lesions and blemishes gradually disappear. For others the residue of infections, as well as biological and environmental toxins, are expelled through the skin. The pace at which this process advances varies with the age and vitality of the individual. During this process, everyone has reported appearing somewhat less attractive. After the process is complete, everyone has reported that if they had to do it again, they would.

The use of exfoliant products to accelerate the normalization has been helpful. Detoxification may be necessary to restore the health and appearance of your skin.

While you’re using the product, you may have something unsightly or distasteful expelled from your skin. We want you to remember that our product didn’t put it in you, and seems to be assisting you to be removing it from your body. Therefore discontinuing use of Skin of Gold™ before the process is complete is probably a mistake.

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