Why Gold in Skincare?

Z. Arman from Waltham, Ma asked this question.

There’s real gold, 24k gold in the Skin of Gold™ formula. Gold has anti-pathogenic properties.  It’s used in luxury skin products around the world. Most of these products cost about twice as much and up to 8 times the current price of Skin of Gold™. Historically gold has been applied in thin sheets (gold leaf) directly onto the skin. These beauty treatments are currently available at some of the most expensive salons on earth.

The advertisements for these treatments and products tout the collagen-rejuvenating properties of gold. We have seen and experienced this, which explains the reports of right and left hand comparisons. On the Skin of Gold™ hand, the veins were less prominent.  Obviously the veins didn’t shrink; the increased collagen in the skin concealed the vascular tissue.

Gold is included in the formula because it substantially improves the product.  “Gold” is in the name and on the label to inform you of this luxurious and highly effective ingredient.


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    The first order of business in keeping your skin healthy and moist is to cleanse without stripping it bare.

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