What makes Botanical Joy,LLC an eco-friendly, “green” company?

We started “green” and we’re staying “green.” We have spent the time and effort required to locate a totally recyclable airless pump bottle.   Even the label, which looks metallic is made of #5 plastic, and is recyclable. The Trial-Sample size container is also made of #5 plastic.  We chose the “natural” color plastic because it recycles better than materials with dyes and brighteners added.

Buying products directly from the manufacturer is environmentally responsible and cost-effective.  Parcel delivery trucks (UPS, Fedex, USPS) are mass transit for parcels. These vehicles are going past your driveway everyday anyway. To receive goods and products this way is very eco-friendly, as long as they haven’t been shipped and reshipped several times before you receive them.

Most of the packages we send out are made of 100% recycled paper, using 62% post-consumer and 77% recycled fiber. All of the ingredients in our cream are vegan, renewable and sustainable. We’ve never even considered animal-testing.

The owners of Botanical Joy, LLC, manufacturers of Skin of GoldTM donate 15% of the profits of this product to environmental, non-profit, educational or research organizations.

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