For Vibrant Skin and Health, Drink All-Fruit Smoothies

For Vibrant Skin and Health, Drink All-Fruit Smoothies

Food supplements are just that: supplements, which means “to add to” – supplements to add to your food.  Supplements are not the only way to improve your nutritional intake.  All-fruit smoothies can reduce your need for supplement capsules or tablets. In some cases frozen or fresh fruit consumed in a fruit smoothie is economical, fast to prepare, very nutritious, delicious and can be consumed while traveling.

Blueberries, strawberries, grapes and other berries are rich in vitalizing nutrients.  Just about any fruit works well in a fruit smoothie. Pears are high in fiber and really add smoothness to the texture of the beverage.  The pears must be peeled and the peels discarded before blending.  In the winter months, frozen fruit can be used. This fruit has been picked and frozen at the peak of freshness – it’s more affordable than fresh fruit off season.

NOTE:  Many people advocate “fruit” smoothies that contain bananas, yogurt, pasteurized-concentrated fruit juices, soy or rice milk, and/or cow’s milk. Unfortunately bananas are picked extremely green and due to their oily nature, digest very slowly. The slow digestion required by bananas, soymilk, rice milk, other “milks” and processed juices destroy most of the food value of the fresh fruit in a fruit smoothie.

Soaked flax seeds (24 hour soak) are excellent in a fruit smoothie, contributing a plump, pleasant texture, increasing the fiber content and making the beverage more filling.  To prepare flax seeds, add a heaping tablespoon of Whole Flax Seeds (avoid ground seeds) to approximately ½ cup of pure water.  Cover and leave 24 hours – either room or fridge temperature are adequate.

Start with 1-1 ¼ cup of fruit in the blender. When you become adept at mixing fruit smoothies, it only takes about 5 minutes to make the beverage in a blender. Employing the blender’s powerful motor to wash out the canister makes cleanup easy.

The possibilities for fruit combinations are endless.  Let your preferences dictate your choices – as long as it’s healthy fruit, let your taste buds rule!


2  All-Fruit Smoothie Recipes to Start with:

1 ½ cup  orange, peach, and/or pear

1TB soaked (24 hrs) flax seeds  (details above)

3-4 drops stevia liquid

Add ¼ lemon (peel and all pulp removed)

½ cup water

——————— OR ————————–

Fresh strawberry, pineapple, and/or pear

Frozen blueberry is suggested

1TB soaked (24 hrs) flax seeds

3-4 drops stevia liquid

Add ¼ – ½ lemon (peel and all pulp removed)

Add ice with ¼ cup water for frozen smoothie

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