For Vibrant Skin and Health, Drink All-Fruit Smoothies

Food supplements are just that: supplements, which means “to add to” – supplements to add to your food.  Supplements are not the only way to improve your nutritional intake.  All-fruit smoothies can reduce your need for supplement capsules or tablets. In some cases frozen or fresh fruit consumed in a fruit smoothie is economical, fast […]

Natural Herbal & Nutritional Program for Fungus, Yeast & Mold – Part 3

We present this proven program as a gift to all, and unfortunately so many people need it. Fungus, yeast and mold are all somewhat different life forms. They are part of the plant kingdom and have many similarities. Their cellular waste products are called aflatoxins. If you have a substantial overgrowth of any of these […]

Healthy Lifestyle Equals Healthy Skin

  Every water fountain is a fountain of youth. Unlike the previous articles in this series, we will not be addressing nutritional supplements. This post will address some of the simple strategies for health and beauty. Water is the most essential element of life.  Many of us have accumulated and stored weeks’ worth of fuel […]