Skin of Gold™ just got better! July 2011 Version 2.0

Most of you who have purchased Skin of Gold™ in the past, have recently received a sample of our new and improved formula: July 2011 Version 2.0. It contains a new ingredient: Resveratrol. This plant extract was first isolated from grapes. Later they found a common, wild, indigenous plant (weed) that contains the compound. We […]

Gained the facial volume I had lost due to age…

“I started using the Skin of Gold cream in the Spring of 2010 ( March), I was told not to use any other beauty cream for three weeks and see if this would work . At the end of three weeks and especially in four weeks I noticed my face was fuller and youthful. Now […]

Is Skin of Gold™ an all-natural skin cream?

Skin of Gold™ is a very natural and non-toxic formula. The largest single ingredient is purified water, followed by coconut oil. The botanicals and essential oils are organic.  There are several ingredients which are also used as food supplements. Some of the trace ingredients are highly processed, and therefore not natural.  NONE of our ingredients […]