For Vibrant Skin and Health, Drink All-Fruit Smoothies

Food supplements are just that: supplements, which means “to add to” – supplements to add to your food.  Supplements are not the only way to improve your nutritional intake.  All-fruit smoothies can reduce your need for supplement capsules or tablets. In some cases frozen or fresh fruit consumed in a fruit smoothie is economical, fast […]

Skin of Gold™ just got better! July 2011 Version 2.0

Most of you who have purchased Skin of Gold™ in the past, have recently received a sample of our new and improved formula: July 2011 Version 2.0. It contains a new ingredient: Resveratrol. This plant extract was first isolated from grapes. Later they found a common, wild, indigenous plant (weed) that contains the compound. We […]

Skin Peel without recovery time…

“I had a skin peel procedure done in December and used your small sample of cream for the following week. When I returned to the dermatologist 7 days later, he asked what product I used after the peel, because the usual red, raw healing stage of the skin was absent. I believe that small sample […]

Gained the facial volume I had lost due to age…

“I started using the Skin of Gold cream in the Spring of 2010 ( March), I was told not to use any other beauty cream for three weeks and see if this would work . At the end of three weeks and especially in four weeks I noticed my face was fuller and youthful. Now […]