Bloating caused by dehydration, diet, yeast overgrowth & PMS

When you’re bloated, it’s hard to look or feel good. If you avoid dehydration, problem foods, yeast and menstrual imbalances, it stands to reason that you’ll avoid the bloating. This article contains information about how to manage and avoid the major causes of this problem. There are dietary causes. Food that congests your body, like […]

How do you know if you’re dehydrated?

In a previous post on water-drinking, the necessity of proper hydration and the health risks associated with dehydration are explained at length. Many people are totally convinced that they’re well-hydrated because they drink plenty of water. This may or may not be true. Until you get a profound disease state or some kind of medical […]

Healthy Lifestyle Equals Healthy Skin

  Every water fountain is a fountain of youth. Unlike the previous articles in this series, we will not be addressing nutritional supplements. This post will address some of the simple strategies for health and beauty. Water is the most essential element of life.  Many of us have accumulated and stored weeks’ worth of fuel […]