Why should I buy a skin cream from a small company?

organic 24k skin of gold face creamOne of the largest expenses built into mainstream products is advertising.  With many skin products, it IS the largest expense.  This explains why an inferior product containing gold costs over $240/oz at the mall or salon. Our product is shipped ONCE, from us to you.  The stuff you buy from a reseller is shipped to them; then it’s either shipped to you or you go get it from a store.  Receiving your products directly from the manufacturer is more environmentally responsible.

There are many advantages to ordering directly from us rather than buying from a store.  We make our product in relatively small batches, and it’s extremely fresh when it’s shipped. When you buy it in the store, it could be over a year old before you even see it.

We’re accessible. We want your feedback; we want your questions, comments and input.  You can reach us through Facebook, phone or use the Contact Us form on the website. One of the founders will respond to you promptly. When you send an email to Lancome, La Prarie, or Dr. Hauschka, do you think the owners read it?

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