Skin Purification

Note: This page is presented in a clarified and updated version here: Why and How it works.

Skin of Gold™ is designed to bring about awareness within you of the root causes of blemishes and imperfections in your skin. This cream seems to stimulate the body’s defense mechanisms to correct the underlying imbalances that are manifested through your skin. The result is beautifully vibrant skin that can only be attained when you are in a very balanced state.

The skin is the largest organ of the body. It has various functions, including being a wrapper to keep out pathogens and keep in vital body fluids. It is an organ of elimination; bodily wastes and environmental toxins are eliminated through the skin.

Nearly everyone who has used the product reports noticeable improvements in their skin. The improvements differ. Some people report discoloration gradually disappearing. Others report improvement in skin color and radiance. More than a few have reported lesions, bumps, and blemishes and chronic itches disappearing. Everyone, including people in their early 20s, report that their skin has never felt so soft, even on days they didn’t apply the cream. It is an understatement to say that the vast majority of people who have used this cream are very pleased. Those with acne reported remarkable results.

It was observed by the formulator of this product that the undesired characteristics of his skin (discoloration, texture, etc.) were localized and concentrated, and drawn to the surface, only to be expelled through the skin. Others have reported the same thing. When asked if they appeared less attractive during the process, they all said “no.” Some women reported using exfoliating products to accelerate the normalization of the problematic area. This process is unique to each individual, and the factors are: biological age, vitality, and stress levels. These factors are important in any healing and detoxification.

While you’re using the product, you may have something unsightly or distasteful expelled from your skin. We want you to remember that our product didn’t put it in you, and seems to be assisting you to be removing it from your body. Therefore discontinuing use of Skin of Gold™ before the process is complete is probably a mistake.