Do you have Skin Fungus, Yeast Symptoms or is Candida making you Bloat? – Part 1

skin fungus, yeast and mold indications

Foods that people with microflora problems are reactive to.

All of us have fungus, yeast and mold in our bodies, and oftentimes fungus in our skin. This is unavoidable. Some of these life forms are beneficial. They are part of the microfauna and microflora in our digestive tracts. When the pathological (disease-causing) varieties become very abundant in our bodies, we lose vitality, longevity and functionality.

All the symptomatic conditions that are listed herein can be caused by a number of problems, and are not necessarily related to an overgrowth of fungus, yeast or mold. If you have a number of symptoms, there is a high probability microflora is the source of your problem.

Candida albicans is the scapegoat of alternative and conventional medicine. Nearly all fungus, yeast and mold problems have been and commonly are described as “candida” or “candidiasis.” Candida albicans is actually a mold. It is normal and beneficial in the appropriate quantities in your large intestine. When it overgrows in the gut and/or spreads to your blood and tissues throughout the body, you are not healthy. Many of the symptoms this creates are very similar to other molds, as well as fungus and yeast. The primary problem caused by this confusion is that homeopathics and herbs, as well as pharmaceuticals don’t work equally as well across the entire spectrum of microflora. We’re not going to spend any time or effort to try to name that flora. Our next Big Article will offer a nutritional and herbal program that works equally well for fungus, yeast and mold. Within the next month we will post an article with a natural program for the resolution of vaginal yeast. It works well and is non-toxic.

The most common symptom is bloating after sugary or starchy meals, snacks or beverages. This bloating is usually accompanied by a sudden onset of fatigue. Brain fog is a frequent additional symptom that occurs with the bloat. Sugar cravings are a telltale indication. Did you ever wonder how “rednecks” get their skin so red? It’s not from the sun. Some people with this condition work indoors and spend most of their free time lifting weights: 12 fl.oz. at a time. These beverages spike the blood sugar levels and feed a number of microbes. There are other conditions that can cause reddening of the skin. By far “carbotarianism” (living on carbohydrate foods and beverages) is the single leading cause.

Skin itch of a constant, ongoing, crazy-making nature, frequently is caused by the not-so-friendly microflora. There are some glaring, undeniable indications like big ugly black deposits of dermatophytes living under your finger and toenails. If your nail beds are infected, so is your entire body. This IS a systemic problem.

When your body exhausts its zinc supplies, the unfriendly microflora grow unchecked and off the leash. One of the most unmistakable indication of these overgrowths is STINKY FEET. The very wise, informed and humorous dentist, Dr. Steven N. Green coined the phrase, “if your feet stink, take zinc.” It works every time. Male reproductive activity (production of spermatozoa) requires significant amounts of zinc. This explains why there are more stinky-footed redneck men than women. The fairer gender can achieve these conditions, but they require more effort and abuse.

Allergy to foods containing yeast cultures: bread, beer, wine and cheese allergies are indications that you probably developed an allergy to yeast because your body is loaded with it.

Dark red and brown discoloration of the skin in various forms, caused by numerous species of fungi, will be discussed in Part 2 of this Skin Discoloration series. This article has links to websites offering unappetizing and disgusting photos of these many fungal conditions, including advanced ringworm.

It’s probably obvious to you by now that many people in our society have significant problems with microflora infestations. Part 2 in this series helps identify the source of appearance-related problems and addresses lifestyle changes required to be permanently free of skin fungus. Part 3  is an herbal and nutritional program that resolves most microflora overgrowths. The included cautions and explanations should not be overlooked. This program is our gift to you. Use it and attain good health!

Skin discolor 2

Skin discolor 3 Disclaimer: Individuals may respond to food supplements and herbs differently. Check with your licensed health-care provider if you have any questions or concerns to determine if this approach is appropriate to you, or if you even need to address a fungal problem. If you have the appearance of a fungal problem, it is likely that is the source of your skin discoloration; but it may not be. Any and all symptoms can have a multiple of causes. We, once again, urge you to check with your health-care provider and we DON’T want to hear from your lawyer or the FDA’s lawyers.

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