Skin Discoloration: Characteristics, Causes and Remedies – Part 2

Skin Discoloration: microflora overgrowth

Skin discoloration: microscopic yeast, mold and fungal overgrowth.

The single largest cause of skin discolorations are fungal infections. Although these fungi primarily are visible in the skin and nail beds, they are systemic in nature (affecting your entire body).

How is Sugar related to Skin Discoloration?

The human population as a group is quite addicted to sugar in its various forms. High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is cheap and abundant and not only used for soda pop and other beverages, but finds its way into nearly every food – particularly fast foods. Whatever the source of sugar you eat, your body converts it into glucose. Ethyl alcohol (booze) is converted into sugar by the salivary enzyme, amylase. Further conversion of alcohol into sugar takes place in the liver. Our cells primarily burn sugar. People think they’re burning fat, but that primarily happens when the hormone glucagon converts body fat into glucose. The source of the sugar you were burning may have been fat; nonetheless you’re burning sugar.

A significant release of insulin into your blood stream will prevent your pancreas from producing glucagon for somewhere between 8-10 hours. If you have a bagel or Danish for breakfast, and then skip lunch to lose weight, you will not be able to break down fat into sugar; you will be hypoglycemic (low blood sugar). Hypoglycemia causes you to be physically weak and deprives your brain of the glucose it needs to function well. A high percentage of the sugar used in the body is consumed by your 2 lb brain.

Many people today have saturated their bodies with sugar. They have become insulin-resistant – a condition referred to as Type 2 diabetes, “diabetes mellitus”. These people seem particularly prone to fungal infections, the most common of which is tinea corporis, as it’s referred to when it affects the skin. When it occurs in the scalp, it is called tinea capitis, basically the same problem: ringworm.

Pets and Fungal Infections

House cats frequently carry both of these organisms, and cat owners have a higher incidence of these problems. Dogs also can and do carry these fungi. It is a very good idea to avoid petting animals that have bald spots in their coats. The scientific literature does not classify this as contagious from one human to another, but does advise avoidance of sharing personal items like towels, washcloths, hairbrushes, etc.

What do Fungal Skin Discoloration Pictures look like?

There are numerous skin-discoloring conditions with slightly different scientific names that have different appearance and texture. The following link will take you to a website with numerous fungal skin discoloration pictures (type “ringworm” into Search box for fungus affecting different parts of the body) of unattractive and disgusting conditions. You can shop for yours there if you want to put a name on it.

Pharmaceutical medicine offers relief to these conditions. Like most pharmaceuticals, the anti-fungal drugs are hard on the liver. Diflucan, Nizoral and similar and generic drugs of these types are some of the most liver-toxic pharmaceuticals on the market. Medical doctors are advised to take blood draws and have lab tests done for liver stress on a frequent basis for patients using the aforementioned drugs. Most actually do. Unfortunately many have been observed to be libertine and reckless in their use of these classes of drugs.

One way to Control Yeast, Mold & Fungal overgrowths

It is hard for any substance, natural of otherwise, to control yeast, mold and fungal overgrowths for those who are still indulging in refined sugar and other foods with high glycemic indexes. The glycemic index of a food can simply be described as the amount of “sugar rush” that your blood experiences after consuming this food. Ice cream, with no shortage of sugar in it, has a lower glycemic index than carrot juice. This is because the protein in dairy products are processed slowly in the stomach and released slowly into the bloodstream. The fiber in carrots also slows down the release of the sugar into the bloodstream, but with carrot juice, the sugar “hits” you fast. For more information, do a search engine query for: common foods + glycemic index.

There is an embarrassing skin condition where the armpits and groin area become dark and discolored. This is called acanthosis nigricans. When properly diagnosed by medical doctors, they put you on oral medications for type 2 diabetes. This approach works. It is important to remember that most people with type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetic conditions can manage their blood sugar without the use of pharmaceuticals. The link above, on the glycemic index of foods, is necessary if you want to avoid drugs. Some physicians create the impression that oral pharmaceuticals for type 2 diabetes are completely safe. We wish that were true. Neuropathy and retinopathy are extremely rare in people who are not diabetic and/or alcoholic. As mentioned earlier, alcohol has a dramatic impact on blood sugar levels. The included links will take you to information about neuropathy, retinopathy, and their complications – which include amputations of foot or leg, as well as laser surgery on the retina, and in some cases blindness. It is extremely advisable to get your act together and stop eating like a child off the leash.

Food, Fat, Insulin and Depressed Immunity

Eating foods with a low glycemic index and keeping your blood-sugar-level stable will help you lose weight and stay healthy. Insulin is released from the pancreas into the blood when the blood-sugar levels get too high. This event has two very negative effects:

  1. Store blood sugar as fat. Insulin is a storage hormone.
  2. An equally detrimental effect of insulin is to render your white cells (antibodies) in the blood ineffective for a time. Those who rarely ride the glucose-insulin roller-coaster do better. Their immune system is suppressed for 20-40 minutes. Those of us who are frequent flyers on the sugar-insulin roller-coaster pay a dear price. Our immune system is ineffective for up to 4 hours.

If you indulge frequently throughout the day, your immune system is ONLY completely functional for a FEW HOURS DURING THE SLEEP CYCLE. This is extreme, but so is a 42oz slurpie or “big gulp” on a daily basis.

Control Fungus, Yeast & Mold Skin Discoloration with Supplements

So far this has all been basically bad news. Until now. With dietary modification and the use of herbal supplements, these fungal conditions can be controlled. Many dermatologists recommend using shampoo and soap containing selenium and zinc on the affected areas. They tell you to soap up and let the suds stay on the skin for 10 minutes or so, then rinse thoroughly. Why they don’t recommend supplements of selenium and zinc so they can be available to every cell of the body all the time, will always be a mystery to some of us.

Many people who have had outrageous fungal infections bordering on the bizarre, have been helped substantially by taking high doses of zinc citrate. Both zinc and selenium are required to make antibodies to most of the pathogens we have to deal with, so you don’t want to run out. If you’re so imbalanced that you have fungus in your nail beds or all over your skin, the likelihood of you being deficient of these minerals is right around 100%. If you were to rely on these minerals exclusively to solve these problems, it would probably take quite some time. The next link we will provide you is to one of our blog posts – Herbal and Nutritional Program for Fungus, Yeast and Mold (coming soon-check back in a few days) that is so good and effective that one of the first beneficiaries plagiarized it and is charging for a download (some people just don’t know how to handle a gift). As you lower the fungal load in your body, you will probably lose weight and bloat. You will also have SUBSTANTIALLY FEWER SUGAR CRAVINGS. The longer you stay on it, the easier it will get.

How can a Skin Cream help?

Skin of Gold™ skin cream will reduce the time needed to have the fungal discoloration disappear. How can a skin cream do that? The formula contains anti-microbial gold and silver, botanicals and essential oils…as well as a very specific aloe extract. The cream will also reduce inflammation, allowing the white cells to get into the problem areas. The lipid (oil) balance of your skin will be restored, making it softer, smoother and younger looking. The collagen regenerating characteristics of Skin of Gold™ will facilitate healing and normalizing the many miles of capillaries within your skin. You’ll look better, we guarantee it.

Skin of Gold™ works FAST in most cases. You’ll probably want to use it for a long time. For convenience, to save money and to get FREE SHIPPING, most people with skin discoloration order the Economy bottle. Go to the Skin of Gold™ store.

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Disclaimer: Individuals may respond to food supplements and herbs differently. Check with your licensed health-care provider if you have any questions or concerns to determine if this approach is appropriate to you, or if you even need to address a fungal problem. If you have the appearance of a fungal problem, it is likely that is the source of your skin discoloration; but it may not be. Any and all symptoms can have a multiple of causes. We, once again, urge you to check with your health-care provider and we DON’T want to hear from your lawyer or the FDA’s lawyers.


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