A natural, 24k face cream that restores skin vitality and overall appearance.

Our goals in creating this product were to design a cream that would stimulate the immune system locally within the skin, bringing about a lipid balance (eliminating oily, dry, and/or combination skin), and eliminate toxins stored in the skin and subcutaneous fat layer.

Our test participants report that we are completely successful and we have accomplished all of our goals!

Do we really think that we have the only skin cream that’s worth using? Hardly. There are other great products out there that, to one extent or another, have accomplished some of these goals. All of the effective products in the marketplace ARE EXPENSIVE. Many are largely organic and natural, resulting in a shorter shelf-life. The natural, organic preservatives really don’t work well. Many consumers of these high-end products can’t use up the product fast enough to prevent waste.

Cosmetic product forums and newsletters are cluttered with complaints about these very expensive products supporting bacteria or mold and/or smelling rancid, even when stored under refrigeration.

Our product, Skin of Gold™, is a completely non-toxic, well-preserved, stable formula. The formula is unique in many ways. Do you know of any other products that contain 24K gold and pure silver in mono-atomic and angstrom-size particles with organic essential oils and botanical ingredients?

If you answered “yes,” it probably costs many times more than Skin of Gold™. Compare this to our highly effective 1.7 fl oz Skin of Gold™ cream, which costs $57. You owe it to yourself to try this product.

Because people respond differently to the aroma, this won’t be just right for everyone. People are allergic to nearly everything including, in some cases, water. All personal care products of this nature should be sold with a One-Time, 60-day Love-It-or-Get-Your-Money-Back Guarantee. If for any reason you’re not totally satisfied, you can return Skin of Gold™ for a full refund. We do require that individuals submit a request for a refund and fill out the questionnaire online so we may understand the nature of the problem and serve the public better.