Common deadly cosmetic ingredient paraben found in 99% of breast tumors

Cosmetic ingredient paraben found in most breast tumors

...cosmetic toxicity hasn't killed me yet...

There are many synthetic compounds and heavy metals that mimic estrogen. These are referred to as “estrogenic.” A handful of paraben esters have been proven to be particularly dangerous.

Cadmium, an extremely toxic heavy metal is used as a pigment in many cosmetic products. Women with elevated levels of cadmium have a 21% higher likelihood of having breast cancer than the rest of the population. Cadmium, as well as other estrogen-mimicking heavy metals, are referred to as “metalloestrogens.” These dangerous compounds are alarmingly common in the processed foods. Agrichemicals (herbicides and pesticides) consistently contain metalloestrogens. The cosmetic industry is swimming in metalloestrogens.

What can be done? Use natural health and beauty products, eat local organic food, and avoid spending much time in highly industrialized areas where the air is polluted with heavy metals. Be careful, we’re not in the garden of eden any more.

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Dr. Mercola has one of the most visited natural health websites on earth, and rightfully so. For many years he has been exposing, documenting, and explaining the bewildering challenges to living a healthy life. His writing and speaking is clear and comprehensible to nearly everyone. He documents everything he says. Unlike other people, if you read the footnotes, the research supports the position he is taking. He is highly credible and we encourage you to sign up for his emails. With that said, sometimes the grim facts can be a bit too much. Just remember, you don’t have to read all the posts if you don’t want to.

There are some days that the ugly truth can be the last straw and put us into a state of “gloom & doom.” If you follow our admonitions and advice on healthy lifestyle, very little of the grim truth will having a direct impact on you.

But it is important to know this information in a logical, factual manner so you can share with others who are interested. This information can encourage your friends and family to sidestep many of the problems and enable them to live a longer and healthier life.

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  1. Anita says:

    I think that the more natural you go the better. That includes everything! It’s a shame that because of the additives that companies put in everything can effect your health. I’m sure there are a number of women out there that haven’t even considered there are these kind of chemicals in the makeup they use.

    • admin says:

      Unfortunately that large “number of women out there” is the majority of make-up users. We believe wearing almost no make-up is the best way to go. Fortunately for those who are curious enough to research, there are some excellent all-natural and organic make-up brands popping up more frequently these days.

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