Naughty Cosmetics

Last week, news sources such as Bloomberg and Reuters reported what seems to be a scandal at Avon. Apparently Avon is being investigated for bribing Chinese officials. This pattern of bribery allegedly has gone on for years. The investigators linked the bribe-taking to non-disclosure of ingredients in Avon products in China, Brazil, list…..

You’ve got to wonder what this nasty stuff is that even the Mexicans, Chinese and Brazilians need to keep off the label. Is it nasty stuff that we’re being exposed to, thanks to our asleep-at-the-wheel FDA? or is a particularly wicked formulas that are reserved for the absolutely-anything-goes countries? Or should that be: absolutely-anything-goes-if-no-one-knows, because the bribe money flows?

Avon gave the ax to the vice chairman and a few other global big-wigs, who it seems were serving as the chairmen of vice.  Since the investigation is ongoing, the investigators as well as the investigated can’t, won’t, and don’t say much.

But as for now, if you’re a Chinese official and Avon comes calling, don’t hold your breath for a bribe!  We really don’t know what they did or when they did it, but the firings of top officials are usually not an indication of innocence. This could be coincidental with other unrelated events, including declining profits and other naughty behavior that we’re not aware of.

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