Natural Herbal & Nutritional Program for Fungus, Yeast & Mold – Part 3

Herbal and Nutritional Program for Fungus, Yeast and MoldWe present this proven program as a gift to all, and unfortunately so many people need it.

Fungus, yeast and mold are all somewhat different life forms. They are part of the plant kingdom and have many similarities. Their cellular waste products are called aflatoxins. If you have a substantial overgrowth of any of these three microbes, sooner or later you will probably develop and allergy to aflatoxins. The cultures that cause bread to rise, wine to ferment and milk to turn into cheese also produce aflatoxins. This is why many people with fungus, yeast or mold overgrowths are allergic to the aforementioned foods.

Feed Yourself, not the Yeast, Fungus & Mold

If you wanted to create a significant overgrowth of fungus, yeast or mold, undoubtedly the proven best way is to consume a lot of sugar and simple carbohydrates. These “foods” are rapidly turned into glucose within your body. This is the type of sugar that we have within our blood, and it’s the primary thing that fungus, yeast or mold can live on.

Not only does the sugar nourish the microbes, it causes the need for insulin production to control blood sugar.  Insulin has a VERY detrimental effect on the white cells in your blood.  These white cells are your antibodies.  They vary in structure and purpose.  Some kill invasive microbes; others help transport out dead cells, both yours and invaders.

Our previous blog post, an in-depth article on skin discoloration, delves more deeply into the effect of sugar on your immune system and how to avoid unneeded insulin production.  The glycemic index, the sugar impact of various foods is explained, along with some valuable information.

A highly Effective, Natural System to Control Fungus, Yeast & Mold

Most herbal nutritional programs for yeast, fungus and mold have very limited success because they are not effective against all three; and some aren’t very effective at all.

Supplementation with zinc citrate and selenium is essential for success. Your body needs these elements to produce effective antibodies to these life forms. These minerals empower your immune system to overcome fungus, yeast and mold.  They are available at,, or your local supplement store.

The Pau D’Arco (Tabebula impetignosa) (Inner Bark) and Cat’s Claw (Uncaria tomentosa) (Inner Bark) herbs in this program are widely recognized as being effective in killing fungus, yeast and mold.  When used together without any additional herbs, they’re somewhat limited in their capacity and don’t seem to have much synergy (where the combination is more effective than the sum of the individual herbs).   By combining them with Horsetail (Shavegrass,  Equisetum arvense) (stem) and Icelandic Moss (Cetraria islandica) (aerial), this combination of herbs is quite effective and works faster on a broader range of microbes.

Where You can get the Supplements

We have researched the internet looking for good quality encapsulated herbs at the best price available.  fills these criteria for herbs only. Their prices are unbeatable AND you can place phone orders or order online.  For the herbs we recommend, they offer 3-bottle package pricing.  We suggest you order the 3 bottles. If you stay on the program 1 month, you will have capsules left over to use if and when you binge on carbs (sugar, potatoes, pasta, bread, etc.)

NOTE:  All of the herbs and nutrients in this program should be in CAPSULE FORM.  Liquid extracts vary widely in their strength, offer a shorter shelf life and really taste bad.  Most people have a real hard time sticking with the program of distasteful herbal tinctures.  This is especially so for sugar junkies.  Most of the people who need this program fall into that category.  As the fungus, yeast and mold levels in your body decrease, so will your sugar cravings.  It will take less self-control as things progress.  But in the beginning, do the very best you can to keep your glycemic index level.

As your immune system and the herbs kill off microbes, they become a burden for both the immune system and your organs of elimination.  If you increase the quantity of nutrients and herbs that you ingest too fast, you can really create misery and suffering.  If you go really crazy with this stuff, you can create a health crisis. This is easily avoided for most people.  Getting yourself all jammed up slows down the process rather than accelerating it.

There are people allergic to everything you can think of, and many things wouldn’t occur to most of us. If you know you have significant allergies and/or are in a frail state of health, we highly recommend that you consult your licensed health-care practitioner before embarking on this program.  We DO NOT recommend this for pregnant women.  If you are pregnant and have a health crisis related to fungus, yeast or mold, it is imperative that you have this or any other herbal program supervised by a licensed health-care practitioner that really understands natural therapies.  Unfortunately most medical doctors lack training or experience in natural therapies.  Naturopaths, some chiropractors, TRAINED herbalists (not self-proclaimed), probably best of all – midwives, usually seem to be the best resources for gestating women.  Be careful, be careful.

The recommended quantities and the rate of increase is a generalization that has been observed to be well-tolerated and effective for healthy, non-geriatric adults.  Nearly all practitioners and authors on herbs and natural health recommend quantities based on body-weight.  We differ. The metabolic rate seems to be very important.  An aging, obese person with a very slow metabolic rate frequently cannot use or process as much substances as a 90lb teenager.

While on this program, if you feel like your body is stressed and/or fatigued, back off on the quantities and/or take a break completely for a couple of days.  It’s not about getting to the finish line fast; it’s about getting to the finish line feeling great.

Because this program includes relatively high levels of zinc, you should be mindful of your iron-levels.  Iron-copper-zinc form a 3-way balance in the body.  High levels of zinc seems to pull the iron levels down much faster and further than does the trace-element copper.

A Simple Indication of Iron Anemia

A simple and accurate indication of low iron levels can be observed by looking at the color of the tissues on the inside of your mouth, beneath the lower lip.  The gums are also very worth observing.  When this area of your mouth gets very pale, you’re low on iron. Non meat-eaters oftentimes have a challenge with iron levels.  The iron is transported into your body in the red cells of your blood.  Did you know that it takes a LOT OF B vitamins to make red blood cell?  If you answered YES, you’re a member of a small group of well-informed consumers.  We have seen people take enough iron supplements to constipate a small horse without any results (iron supplements can be very constipating).  These same people have been observed to have adequate iron-levels without supplementation of iron, by instead adding supplementation of a coenzyme B-complex.   Regular B vitamins don’t work nearly as well.

Oh yeah, while you’re looking in your mouth, if you have a cleft (crease) down the center of your tongue from back to front, you either have Down syndrome, or you’re a canine, or quite likely you’re very B-vitamin deficient.  Get some coenzyme B-complex.  We have explained the benefits of coenzyme B-complex (and a source) over conventional B vitamin supplements.

The Gradually-Increasing Herbal Nutritional Program

For people who are concerned about allergy, take 1 capsule of one of the supplements, observe your response.  If all goes well, add 1 capsule of another supplement the next day.  Continue this process of adding 1 new supplement a day until you have combined them all.  Some people can tolerate supplements separately, but react to the combination.


Day 1 through 3

Zinc citrate:  1 capsule twice per day.

Selenium:  1 capsule once per day.

NOTE:  Selenium is one of the nutrients that can build up in your system and create toxicity.  NEVER EXCEED PACKAGE DIRECTIONS ON SELENIUM SUPPLEMENT FOR MORE THAN 5 DAYS IN A ROW.  If you are deficient, you should catch up pretty fast.

Pau d’arco capsules:   1 twice a day

Cats claw capsules:  1 twice a day

Horsetail grass capsules:  1 twice a day

Icelandic moss capsules:  1 twice a day


After day 3  if you have not observed an allergic response and don’t feel stressed or fatigued by the program, then we recommend:

Day 4 through 10

Zinc citrate capsules:  2 in the morning and 1 in the evening.

Selenium:  1 capsule per day

Pau d’arco capsules:   2 in morning and 1 in evening

Cats claw capsules:  2 in morning and 1 in evening

Horsetail grass capsules:  2 in morning and 1 in evening

Icelandic moss capsules:  2 in morning and 1 in evening


Day 11 through 18

Zinc citrate:  2 in morning and 2 in evening.

Selenium:  1 per day

Pau d’arco capsules:   2 in morning and 2 in evening

Cats claw capsules:  2 in morning and 2 in evening

Horsetail grass capsules:  2 in morning and 2 in evening

Icelandic moss capsules:  2 in morning and 2 in evening


Day 19 to 30

Zinc citrate:  2 in morning and 2 in evening.

Selenium:  1 per day

Pau d’arco capsules:   3 in morning and 2 in evening

Cats claw capsules:  3 in morning and 2 in evening

Horsetail grass capsules:  2 in morning and 2 in evening

Icelandic moss capsules:  2 in morning and 2 in evening


We don’t recommend following this program for more than a month without a break.  After a month, your body will probably have made an adaptive response to the herbs.  This causes them to be less effective.  You shouldn’t need this high a level of zinc for very long; your body will be saturated with zinc and selenium.  By this point, the levels of fungus, yeast and mold in your body probably will be significantly lower, so your mineral requirements will have been reduced.

Avoid Undoing All Your Good Work

Nearly everyone who follows this program becomes less bloated.  The CO2 produced by yeast is what makes bread rise and turns you into dough-boy or dough-girl.  High CO2 levels in the body are scientifically recognized as being very pro-cancer, so you should be thinner, more energetic, clearer-thinking, and less sugar addicted.  Now is not the time to yield to temptation and indulge in white death (sugar).  If or when you binge, return to the program for a week or two until you feel like your body is balanced again.

If you liked this program and how it worked for you, please share it with a friend.  You can’t really look good unless you feel good.

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Greedy plagiarists beware:  Copyright 2013 by Botanical Joy, LLC.  All rights reserved.

Disclaimer:  Individuals may respond to food supplements and herbs differently. Check with your licensed health-care provider if you have any questions or concerns to determine if this approach is appropriate to you, or if you even need to address a fungal problem.  Any and all symptoms can have a multiple of causes. We, once again, urge you to check with your health-care provider and we DON’T want to hear from your lawyer or the FDA’s lawyers.



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  2. I really like the information about natural herbal nutritional program for fungus, yeast and mold. I think that these would make a lot of difference about the misconception on fungus, yeast and mold. I know that it would be an amazing experience.

  3. This is a great program I started using it and I have to say I feel tons better. It really works.

    • admin says:

      We’re glad this is working well for you. We hope that more people put this information into practice so they can get some real results and get healthier.

  4. Judith Berginc says:

    Believing this program may resolve several ongoing issues I am experiencing, I would like more information and hope that you can help. I insured by an HMO that only believe in big pharma. I am an obese 69-year-old female with diabetes, high blood pressure, and several other physical problems. I am really desperate to solve the issues that I believe are caused by the pharmaceuticals I have been prescribed. Will it be possible to start this program?

    • admin says:

      Judith, first and foremost, study, their extensive & awesome results/reviews, their $9 membership, and do all you can with that info. THEN after results, look into this type of remedy if needed. Remove most carbs from your diet – the human body doesn’t do well with them, generally.

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