Msm, Silica & other Minerals needed for Beautiful Hair, Skin & Nails

Horsetail Herb

Horsetail herb is a source of Silica

It is little known by the masses that the second most common element or mineral in the body is sulfur.  Sodium is the most abundant. Sodium is rarely supplemented because we add so much salt to our food.  Until about 20 years ago, sulfur as a food supplement was not available. Then MSM (methylsulfonylmethane)  was released on the market. This is a good source of sulfur in a bioavailable form.

The reason MSM is needed is that most people do not eat enough raw vegetables.  There’s an abundance of sulfur in cooked vegetables, but unfortunately it passes right through us without being absorbed.  The vast majority of people today would benefit from supplementation of MSM and/or consuming A LOT MORE raw vegetables. Most people would rather take a few capsules rather than change the way they eat. Considering the price of out-of-season vegetables, MSM is affordable to many more people.

Sulfur is required for the production of collagen and elastin; without it you will not be able to respond to the stimulus provided by Skin of GoldTM to make more collagen and elastin. The large blood vessels and microvasculature (tiny blood vessels)  in your body are made of high levels of collagen.

Having adequate sulfur levels in your blood is useful for slowing the aging process and enhancing your appearance. MSM is an ingredient in Skin of GoldTM.

Silica in abundant quantities is required for collagen production. Also, this micro-trace mineral is barely available at all in conventionally cultivated vegetables. When conventional vegetables are cooked, this scarce nutrient is not bioavailable. This explains why when people supplement silica to their diet, they soon have a noticeable improvement in the condition of their hair, skin and nails. The herb, Horsetail Grass (equisetum)has been used to improve the appearance of hair, skin and nails for numerous centuries. This small herb once covered the planet as towering 60-ft tree-like plants. When biochemical analysis became available, the high concentration of silica in Horsetail made it the obvious plant constituent that provided so much improvement for hair, skin and nails. Not all silica supplements are even close to the same. Biosil is a supplement with and outstanding bioavailability. With Biosil, the silica goes into you, not just through you. The links below are provided to help you find the exact, correct supplements at a very competitive cost.


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