Can your facial moisturizer and toner be replaced by a face cream?

Why are moisturizers and toners recommended and used?

The purpose of a facial moisturizer is to prevent and overcome dry skin. They can also make the skin APPEAR healthy and full.

Toners are intended to smooth the texture of the skin, minimize pores and overcome oily skin. Most of these skin care products contain optical diffusers and dyes to create the ILLUSION of healthy skin. They work similar to softening the focus on a camera. The result is:  fine lines, pores and flaws are slightly out of focus to the eye and it all blends together and looks a lot better than it may really be.

If you use a truly natural facial moisturizer, you’re not exposing yourself to the optical diffusers as well as synthetic dyes and scents. Very natural and organic skin products are also free of petroleum derivatives (mineral oil, etc.).

Skin care products for moisturizing and toning are not new.

Ayurvedic writings (ancient traditional wisdom from India) thousands of years old recommend rose petal water for toning and refining the skin. Skin of Gold™ face cream contains very finely ground rose petals and grapefruit peel powder. These are both mild, natural astringents.

Fruit and vegetable oils, along with essential oils, have a long history of use as both facial moisturizers and toners. The base of Skin of Gold™ is coconut oil and includes a proprietary blend of essential oils.

Moisturizers and toners were two of the first products developed and offered to the public by the modern cosmetic industry. Are these mass-marketed, best-selling products (at various price points) really good for your skin? Nearly all of them contain ingredients proven to be detrimental. The toners are a chemical soup of synthetic astringents and somewhere between 20-60% alcohol. These detrimental chemicals exert an extreme contracting and drying influence on the pores of the skin. This limits blood flow, inhibits immune activity and leaves an unhealthy residue.

The residue of these chemicals along with the constricted pores limits absorption of beneficial and nourishing ingredients available in natural moisturizers. The alcohol is very drying but does not address the core cause of oily skin. High concentrations of alcohol on your skin is stressful and damaging to your skin. After you mercilessly dry and denature your skin with a “toner,” you are then encouraged to follow up with a “facial moisturizer.” Even if a skin care product contained beneficial ingredients, the absorption would be very poor.

While natural toners would not leave the chemical residue on the skin, they would still constrict the pores and limit immunity and absorption of beneficial skin care products.

Many “experts” justify the use of toners because they advise that moisturizers go a long way when used on freshly “toned” skin. Why wouldn’t they? The moisturizer is just sitting on the sealed surface.

This whole process seems a lot like polishing leather shoes: a strong solvent is used to remove the old “stuff” and then it’s followed by a new finish of oils, dyes and optical brighteners that sit on the surface. It’s ok for shoes – the leather is dead and preserved. Do you really want this process for your skin?

Can Skin of Gold™ face cream replace moisturizers and toners?

CustoCan your facial moisturizer and toner be replaced by a face cream?mer reviews report tighter, smoother and softer skin. The aloe vera extract and colloidal 24k gold stimulate collagen and elastin production resulting in naturally tighter, healthier, smoother skin. Healthy skin is smooth and toned. The anti-pathogenic ingredients help keep your skin healthy: 24k gold, pure silver and zinc colloids, rose petals, grapefruit peel, edelweiss extract, as well as the essential oils.

These immune stimulating ingredients provide natural exfoliation and help overcome most skin problems. The anti-inflammatory influence insures adequate blood flow through the miles of microvasculature in your skin, delivering nutrients and immune factors to provide vitality to your skin.

Chronically oily skin, as well as dry and combination skin is corrected by Skin of Gold™ face cream. Most of these problems have the same core cause: congested, infected sebaceous glands within the skin. When these problems are addressed, the symptoms (the oil imbalances) quickly disappear, eliminating the need for moisturizers, provided you don’t assault your skin with alcohol contained in toners.


We encourage you to take the 30-day Skin of Gold™ challenge:

Do you dare to go where no chemical cosmetologist will go?

Eliminating your facial moisturizer and toner completely for 4 consecutive weeks and replacing the chemical sludge with Skin of Gold™ face cream. It’s really simple skin care. Apply Skin of Gold™ to clean & dry skin, 2-3 times daily (not exceeding 3 times per day). Wait 20 minutes or more before applying SPF or makeup. Please wait the full 30 days before assessing results. Profound deep changes in your skin will seldom be seen overnight. So if you discontinue this before the time is up, you’ll never know how it would have turned out if you had hung in there.

Many people have reported that their skin has a warm glow and sometimes tingles after the application of Skin of Gold™ face cream. This outward indication of an immune response usually lasts 45 minutes or more, and for some people 1.5 hours. You will know it’s working, and your skin IS getting healthier, more vibrant and vital.


  1. Rosie says:

    This really makes a lot of sense. Toners really are a waste of time and money. The ingredients you list in your cream sound great. I’ve read the you should only use face creams in the day time and never at night. You skin is supposed to take care of itself at night. Do you agree? Do we need to slap gobs of night cream on our faces? Or is this more cosmetic industry hype?

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for your comments everyone. We stress simplicity, ease-of-use, and going natural when it comes to skin care. Internal and external hygiene are equally important for healthy skin.

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