Minerals Needed for Hair, Skin and Nails

It has long been known that vertical ridges on your fingernails are an indication of mineral deficiency. The deeper the ridges, the more serious the deficiency.  A multi-mineral formula providing a broad-spectrum of macro (large) minerals and micro (trace) minerals usually remedies the problem.

Nutritional practitioners always remind their patients that the part of the nail you see is basically dead.  This explains why you can cut it with scissors and it doesn’t hurt.  The nails grow relatively slowly.  So it will take some time to see change.  The change will start from the nail bed and grow down slowly.

If multi-minerals fail to address the problem, you’re probably lacking one particular mineral more than the others.  When this is the situation, to adequately supplement the missing mineral, you have to take too much of the other minerals in the multi-mineral formula.  Then it’s suggested to try a trace-element formula for a few weeks. We use this product from Vitacost.com:  Trace Minerals Research Low Sodium ConcenTrace® Trace Mineral Drops.

If this fails, blood-tests and lab-work are indicated.

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