Mercury tainted skin care products on the rise

The FDA has announced that they have seized cosmetic products that contain extremely high levels of mercury. In Texas, health officials tested skin product samples that contained 131,000 times the allowable levels of mercury. In Minnesota, 11 out of 27 imported skin products contained high levels of mercury. Maryland, Virginia, and New York are amongst the states that have seen cases of people with high mercury levels due to tainted skin products.

Most of the offending dangerous products are imported. The bulk of them are anti-aging skin lighteners, brighteners and blemish removers aimed at a non-white market.

There are many other products containing dangerous ingredients that are designed for the anti-aging market. The FDA is now warning people not to use skin creams, lotions, and antiseptic soaps that may contain mercury.

The conclusion we draw from this information is that you’re better off buying a natural product that is manufactured in the United States.

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