Men’s facial care products offer an under-serviced market

With only about 25% of men using anything other than soap and water on their face, the opportunities for the personal care industry are vast. Currently men only use skin care products when they perceive a problem, such as acne, dry skin, etc.

In order to increase sales, the personal care industry first needs to change men’s perceptions of what their needs of problems are. If skin aging and less than optimal appearance are perceived by men as a problem, then the party is on.

The market research company NPD suggests that marketers of men’s skin care products will need to build awareness through education as well as demonstrate the products to be easily incorporated into the flow of daily grooming. Source.


  1. Mathew says:

    Growing up my father worked in the oil field, I can remember him taking a bath in gasoline outside the front door to get the crude oil off and then a shower inside that would always leave us without hot water. Now that he is retired he is taking a different approach, I actually witnessed my dad using some sort of exfoliating wax last time he came to visit. It was a little surprising, but I think that shows you that even the most stubborn old school guys are starting to come around and realize the benefits of healthy skin.

    • admin says:

      Mathew, we live in a time when EVERYONE wants to look and feel better.

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