Makes my skin feel really smooth and hydrated…

I am guilty of using my precious samples sparingly but I love the cream so much that I want to buy it and don’t feel that I have to save it. I have used so many different creams, mainly natural and organic products, and I always have problems because you don’t have a sample and don’t know how your skin reacts until you buy a whole portion. I know that in my case Skin of Gold does not cause any irritations, clogging or any other negative effect, but instead makes my skin feel really smooth and hydrated without feeling greasy or uncomfortable. I even have one age spot that is starting to disappear! I love that it is vegan and cruelty free. I would (and have in fact) recommend this cream to anyone and are hoping to feature samples in our B&B to our guests. I would not put out samples of anything I don’t love myself. Looking forward to my purchase!

Christina Renzi, NY

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