L’Oreal buys U.S. EPA participation for lunch money

L’Oreal announced that they have funded a joint venture with the US EPA. The purpose of this project is to implement L’Oreal’s chemical safety evaluation technology, referred to as ToxCast.

ToxCast is touted as being comprised of over 700 very fast non-animal tests to assess the safety of ingredients and products for human use.

New sophisticated technologies are needed to replace animal and other old-school toxicology testing. It is questionable whether this technology should be developed and owned by a company with such an obvious stake in the outcome of the tests. Comparing the outcomes of ToxCast with existing animal tests may not be adequate. Many experts agree that the FDA and EPA are allowing dangerous chemicals into the consumer product stream.

The fact that the EU chose not to get involved with this project, and would rather develop their own technology independently, is an indication that we may soon have the RATS GUARDING THE CHEESE.

The $1.2 million that L’Oreal is bequeathing the FDA is about the amount of money the feds would spend on designing a new paperweight; if there is a couple hundred thousand left over, they might get a doorstop out of it. It has long been understood that an elephant is a mouse built to government specifications.

Seriously, the government has spent this much money preparing and publishing inconsequential reports. So how much true assessment, testing, and objectivity can be purchased for this pedestrian sum?


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