Refreshing way to detox, lose weight and feel better – original recipe!

Refreshing way to detox, lose weight and feel better

Lemon Cherry Detox Drink

Enjoy this healthy, quick & easy refreshing drink year round!


Fresh lemon juice has some awesome properties:

      • It corrects the acid-alkaline balance of all of your cells, as well as your blood.
        This is known as pH correction. Restoring proper pH has helped many people regain their health.
      • Lemon juice also helps detoxify your cells as well as your organs.
        We live in a time with an overwhelming amount of environmental toxins bombarding us constantly. Common sources are: municipally treated water, air pollution, food additives, and personal care products. Most people are aware of these, but it’s hard to understand how big the problem is and how PROFOUND the effect is.

Simply stated – these problems are why so many of us are chronically ill, or on our way to chronic illness. Let’s not overlook the accelerated aging that results from our immune system inundated by environmental toxins.

The good news:
Drinking a somewhat dilute & refreshing fruit smoothie WILL help you detoxify rapidly. Because your body stores toxins in fat, as you detox your cells, you’ll no longer need as much fat to store the environmental garbage in. So your body shrinks the fat cells, uses the stored energy they contain, causing you to lose weight & slim down.

The recipe is simple:

      1.  4 or more oz fresh squeezed lemon juice & pulp – put into blender. Seeds just pulverize & settle to bottom.
      2.  add 1/3 cup frozen pitted cherries (NOT cherry juice).
      3.  fill blender up with water and/or optional ice.
      4.  thoroughly blend at high speed.

The entire contents of the blender should be drank by 1 person (on empty stomach).
We use a 2 quart blender. Fill it all the way up, leaving 4oz at top for smoothie to expand with air. Failure to leave room to expand results in the drink overflowing onto the counter.

The cherries are a key ingredient because they help support your kidneys in eliminating wastes and toxins. Many natural health practitioners recommend cherries to people with weak and poorly functioning kidneys.

Why do we store toxins instead of eliminating them? Simple answer: our organs of elimination (kidney, colon, liver) have been overwhelmed by the quantity of toxins we deal with on a daily basis. Then there’s the destructive effect of refined sugar & low-fiber diets.

Optional Ingredients: Sometimes we add a handful of frozen blueberries and 4-5 wedges frozen pineapple. The blueberries contain antioxidants and other healthy micro-nutrients. The pineapple is a rich source of enzymes that helps the smoothie effortlessly be absorbed into your body. The fructose in the smoothie helps all the water in the drink be absorbed into your cells.
Shopping Tip: Costco has all the ingredients at a fraction of the cost of major grocery chain stores.

AVOID adding anything else. If you add much more fruit, it’ll become a dessert & won’t be nearly as beneficial.
CAUTION: Many people add yogurt, protein powder, banana. Some even add kale or other vegetables. Bad idea.

This simple lemon formula is easily digested and quickly absorbed. Adding banana, protein powder, yogurt, or vegetables results in SLOW DIGESTION, degradation of macro-nutrients, poor absorption – this is to be avoided!
If you want to have a complex, low-nutritional-impact dessert smoothie, wait at least 1 hour after consuming the healthy drink.
If you’re drinking the entire blender contents, you’ll probably feel very satisfied and won’t have an urge to destroy it with an over-complex smoothie.

NOTE: The creator of this concoction was motivated to detoxify and feel better.  After a few weeks of daily consumption, friends noticed he was thinner. Every other routine in his life remained the same. Shortly after that, his pants started falling off because he lost that much weight.

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