Soon, Humans will be the only animals subjected to estrogen-laden anti-aging cosmetics

Proposed changes in methods of testing for the presence of estrogen and estrogen-like substances in anti-aging cosmetics will spare lab animals from being exposed to dangerous substances…but not humans. Here is the report

Estrogen, and its chemical analogs, is present in many products, particularly of the anti-aging variety. This is disturbing when you consider the effects of estrogen on female cancers.  We are concerned that these products will, in fact, put an end to all aging for those who die from female-hormone related cancers.

Estrogenic compounds have rapidly increased in the number of sources and the number of parts per million concentrations in their many & various sources. Cosmetics are an obvious cause for concern.

How bad is it really, you may ask yourself?

The answer is: there are real reasons why the rate of male-contracted breast cancer is going up at an alarming rate. When the incidence of males getting breast cancer is growing exponentially, the outlook for women is REALLY bad.

So we propose serious scientific inquiries into the saturation of our environment of estrogenic compounds and estrogen itself – and both the short and long-term health perils posed by this chemical nightmare.

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