How much Skin of Gold™ is right for you?

When the Skin of Gold™ formula was being beta-tested, three things were obvious:

1. it was a great formula with a wide acceptance.
2. it was effective for a broad range of skin problems.
3. it seemed to work better for some people than others.

We investigated the reasons for the differing outcomes.

To put it simply, some people were using the cream extremely sparingly.  The ¼ oz trial size sample has been used so sparingly that it has lasted over a month.  Amusingly, the frugal customer was so impressed with the results, she bought samples to give to her friends.  2 out of 3 of her friends mistook these samples for potential heirlooms.  Even though they used the product in tiny quantities and very infrequently, they offered impressive positive feedback and all ordered larger containers.
There is certainly a point of diminishing return that is easily achieved. More isn’t necessarily better at some point. The same can be said for the opposite extreme.

Variables that determine how much you should use:

  • how much hydration and moisturizing your skin needs
  • emotional stress levels
  • age and vitality
  • how well your body responds to a subtle stimulus
  • the extent of pathogenic organisms within your skin
  • the level of nutritional support you supply for your skin to make collagen and heal
  • physical stress caused by unhealthy lifestyle choices

The people who use 50mL or more in 4-5 weeks seem to be getting the most amazing results. There are other people who only have time to use it once a day. They use an ample application before bed. These people have had extremely good results – it would just come about faster if they used it twice a day.
Skin of Gold™ works better than the luxury products costing hundreds of dollars per oz but will never cost anywhere near that much, so enjoy it. 

Use some – it works better that way.


  1. Christina Renzi says:

    I am guilty of using my precious samples sparingly but I love the cream so much that I want to buy it and don’t feel that I have to save it. I have used so many different creams, mainly natural and organic products, and I always have problems because you don’t have a sample and don’t know how your skin reacts until you buy a whole portion. I know that in my case Skin of Gold does not cause any irritations, clogging or any other negative effect, but instead makes my skin feel really smooth and hydrated without feeling greasy or uncomfortable. I even have one age spot that is starting to disappear! I love that it is vegan and cruelty free. I would (and have in fact) recommend this cream to anyone and are hoping to feature samples in our B&B to our guests. I would not put out samples of anything I don’t love myself. Looking forward to my purchase!

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