How do you know if you’re dehydrated?

In a previous post on water-drinking, the necessity of proper hydration and the health risks associated with dehydration are explained at length.

Many people are totally convinced that they’re well-hydrated because they drink plenty of water. This may or may not be true. Until you get a profound disease state or some kind of medical emergency associated with dehydration, your doctor is probably not going to have any worthwhile advice on this topic.

But your body will tell you the truth. In this posting we will teach you how to assess this vital information quickly, effortlessly, and without any expense !

One of the many unhealthy conditions caused by dehydration is a reduction in blood volume.

A simple and nearly instant method to determine your blood volume:

  1. Stand if possible, hold your hands at eye-level and observe how prominent the veins in the back of the hands are.
  2. Then slowly lower your hands below your heart level, continuing down to your waist-level … with your palms down and…
  3. Observe any changes in the presentation of the veins.

The skin is smooth while hands are high.

Hands Low - the veins popped out - I need water!

There is often a subtle and slight change when the hands are lowered below the heart.  That’s normal, but if it’s a very definite change and you don’t have to test twice because results were obvious, it’s safe to assume you’re NOT well hydrated. Add water to the body!

To learn a simple, sustainable method to change your water drinking habits, please read the previously mentioned blog post on drinking water.

If you think about it, you’ll probably agree that it’s both absurd and funny to what expense and extremes people will go to improve their health while ignoring one of their body’s most basic needs, water.

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