Gained the facial volume I had lost due to age…

Healthy Skin at 65“I started using the Skin of Gold cream in the Spring of 2010 ( March), I was told not to use any other beauty cream for three weeks and see if this would work . At the end of three weeks and especially in four weeks I noticed my face was fuller and youthful. Now seven months later people say how young I look (I am 65 years old) and I can say that I have gained the facial volume I had lost due to age, which makes me look younger. It was a bonus to find that a “lesion” under my neck, toward my collarbone had disappeared during the use of cream on my neck. I always thought I would see a doctor to have this removed. Now I started using it on a mole on my leg beneath my knee and although it is too early but I feel it has gone down already. Skin of Gold™ is a wonderful product which I would advise to everybody, young and old, male or female.”

A.D., LaSalle, Ontario, Canada

We received this Update as of May 30, 2011:

“Now it has been a year since I have been using the Skinofgold cream and I can say that I have been
getting comments (or questions) if I have done the Botox. Not only I don’t do that kind of chemical stuff, I don’t use any make up either, I tell them. Which may be a factor for my healthy looking skin. But I must confess (which is no surprise at my a age) I have been dying my hair (natural herbal coloring) for three years now.  In my initial testimonial I had mentioned about a mole on my leg, it has all gone already as well as an oily lesion on the side of my lip,  so as two other small oil deposits,one on my forehead, one next to my nose. All my three German natural cream or moisturizers are hiding in my fridge since I started this SkinofGold cream!”

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