What’s in it? Is it an herbal cream?

Skin of Golds primary ingredient is coconut oil, and contains 24k gold, pure silver, botanicals, essential oils and nutrients. For in-depth explanation of each ingredient, refer to Ingredients page.

How do I use it? Is it meant to replace my regular moisturizer?

It is meant to be used as your regular daily moisturizer. Most customers apply Skin of Gold™ 2 times a day (morning and evening) after washing their face. Wait 15-20 minutes or so before applying makeup – allowing for full absorption. More information is on How to Use It page.

Which does this replace, my day or night cream?

It replaces both, and any other serums, gels, etc. Apply Skin of Gold™ on bare, clean skin.  It’s important to wait at least 20 minutes after applying Skin of Gold™ before using other products, including sunscreen.

How often do I have to use it?

2 times a day, morning and evening works well for most people. Maximum is 3 times a day. Some people use it once a day.

What about using sunscreen along with this cream?

After Skin of Gold™, allow 20 minutes to absorb, then apply sunscreen.

How can the Customer Reviews be true, there are so many different skin problems mentioned?

The formula was designed to stimulate you to regenerate collagen, control skin pathogens and balance lipids (oils) in your skin. Experience indicates that these are at the root of nearly all skin problems. In some cases we’re not sure which of these factors are responsible for the outstanding results. Our customers only care that it works!

How soon will I see improvement in my skin?

This varies depending on the type of problem you have, how healthy you are, and how often you use it. We have seen substantial changes overnight in some cases. More than a few people have reported impressive results using the contents of 1 Trial size container (1/4 fl.oz.).

Will my face break out from this cream?

There are people who are allergic and reactive to everything, including distilled water and touching silk. The coconut oil we use is extremely well-tolerated by nearly everyone. It is possible to be reactive to the essential oils in the formula. That is why we offer a 60-day no-questions asked money-back guarantee.

Can I get Skin of Gold if I live outside US and Canada?

Yes you can. Contact Us and we’ll discuss shipping options.

Is your product available for Wholesale?

Yes it is.  Additionally, for a large enough order we will private brand label the cream.

Does your product contain nano particles?

Yes there are extremely small particles of 24k gold and pure silver; some of the particles are only one atom of precious metal (monatomic). The particles vary in size – largest are smaller than one micron (nano). There are no nano particles of synthetic materials in Skin of Gold™. Some health experts, including Dr. Mercola, are very concerned about synthetic nano particles in face creams. Very small particles enter the pores, this is good when the particles are gold and silver.

Is Skin of Gold an all-natural skin cream? organic?

Skin of Gold™ is a very natural and non-toxic formula. The largest single ingredient is purified water, followed by coconut oil. The botanicals and essential oils are organic. There are several ingredients which are also used as food supplements. Some of the trace ingredients are highly processed, and therefore not natural. NONE of our ingredients are toxic or bioaccumulative. The term bioaccumulative describes substances that build up and accumulate within your body. [read more…]

Why should I buy a skin cream from a small company?

One of the largest expenses built into mainstream products is advertising. With many skin products, it IS the largest expense. This explains why an inferior product containing gold costs over $240/oz at the mall or salon. Our product is shipped ONCE, from us to you. The stuff you buy from a reseller is shipped to them; then it is either shipped to you or you go get it from a store. Receiving your products directly from the manufacturer is more environmentally responsible. [read more…]

How do you get Gold and Silver into a cream?

The 24k gold and pure silver in our Skin of Gold™ formula has been reduced to sub-microscopic particles and suspended in water using an electrical process. This is called colloidalization. These extremely small particles can not only cover more surface area of the skin, but can penetrate the skin through the pores.
Because the single largest ingredient in Skin of Gold™ is water, the water with the gold suspended in it mixes very well.

Why Gold in Skincare?

There’s real 24k gold in the Skin of Gold™ formula. Gold has anti-pathogenic properties.  It’s used in luxury skin products around the world. Most of these products cost about twice as much and up to 8 times the current price of Skin of Gold™. Historically gold has been applied in thin sheets (gold leaf) directly onto the skin. These beauty treatments are currently available at some of the most expensive salons on earth. [read more…]

What makes Botanical Joy, LLC an eco-friendly, green company?

We started green and we are staying green. We have spent the time and effort required to locate what seems to be the only totally recyclable airless pump bottle. Even the label, which looks metallic is recyclable. The Trial size container is made of #5 plastic. We chose the natural color plastic because it recycles better than materials with dyes and brighteners added. [read more…]

How well does it work for wrinkles?

Q:  I have to ask, how well does it work for wrinkles? The skin around the eyes is very delicate, so I only use a specific cream designed for that area. Most facial creams specify to avoid the eye contours, because they are not meant to prevent/reduce crows feet.

A:  The real reason for lines and wrinkles is a reduction in elastin and collagen. Our product undoubtedly helps restore these. There is only one kind of skin on your body. Some skin is subjected to more stress due to facial muscles employed in expressions repeatedly, and the opening and closing of the eyes. If you put your finger on the crows feet and change your facial expression and/or open & close your eyes, you can feel the skin flexing. That is why these crows feet occur.