Ethically Green

The owners of Botanical Joy, LLC donate a minimum of 15% of profits to environmental non-profit organizations. These organizations develop technologies to improve and protect our environment or educate the public on environmental issues.

It’s obvious to all who are conscious that the earth is in big trouble. It’s time for everyone to step up and make a personally significant financial contribution to the sustainability of life on Earth. If you are not motivated to do so out of love and respect for this beautiful creation we inhabit, we implore you to act so that your grandchildren and great grandchildren will survive.

The quality of life and state of health has substantially deteriorated in the last half century. Environmental disease, allergies, diabetes, and cancer, to list only a few, have increased at a very alarming rate. This problem is, by all measurements, accelerating at a bewildering pace. We are not only not moving in the right direction, we’re racing toward extinction of our own species, as well as eradication of all life on this planet.

The above cited unfortunate truths all have more than a few adequate remedies. Our technology got us into this. Properly employed, technology can get us out of it. For that to happen, the populace must participate and be prepared to accept change. These changes do not imply deprivation or a stark existence. If and when the people of the earth come to realize that every decision we make has a moral imperative attached to it, we will all live in peace and prosperity, enjoying health and vitality on a planet that grows healthier every day. When we vote with our dollars, election fraud is impossible.

For the above stated reasons, we have spent hundreds of hours locating one of the few, if not only, totally recyclable cosmetic pump bottles. Unlike many others, it’s made out of one material. Even the label is made out of the same material, making the product totally recyclable.