Eliminate Acne and Acne Scarring with Skin of Gold™

Eliminate Acne and Acne Scarring with Skin of Gold™More than a few people have asked, “Why does a face cream that was designed for anti-aging work so well for acne?”

The truth is, we asked ourselves this very same question when we got our first positive acne feedback during the Beta-test phase of developing Skin of Gold™. The answers turn out to be logical and obvious. When you consider that Accutane and other oral antibiotics have a high rate of success with acne, bacteria and other pathogens are apparently a major underlying cause.

Skin of Gold™ face cream contains numerous anti-pathogenic, anti-microbial ingredients: 24k gold, pure silver, grapefruit peel, edelweiss extract and essential oils.  And then there are the immune-stimulating ingredients:  aloe vera extract, resveratrol, and the essential oil blend. The combined effect of the aforementioned ingredients is good for your skin, but not for the skin pathogens (bacteria, virus, etc).

End Dry, Oily and Combination Skin by Balancing Skin Lipids

Anyone who has ever popped a pimple has observed the oily substance that’s responsible for this eruption. The lipid (oil) balance of the skin is a factor in acne. The coconut oil base of Skin of Gold™, as well as rose petal powder, edelweiss extract and the essential oil blend have a combined effect of balancing the lipids in the skin. Note that we did not say “reduce” skin lipids.  Most people with dry skin really don’t lack hydration or water, they lack oil.  People with combination skin lack oil in one area of the skin and have too much in other places on their face.  Skin of Gold™ face cream resolves all of these problems by BALANCING skin lipids.

The anti-inflammatory properties of 24k gold, rose petal powder, grapefruit peel, edelweiss extract, essential oil blend, and rutin are substantial. The reduction of inflammation improves the appearance of the skin while simultaneously allowing normal circulation and blood flow throughout the skin. And in so doing, makes it possible for the waste products to be eliminated from the cells and immune factors (white cells), nutrients, and Skin of Gold™ to enter the cells.

Collagen and Acne scarring

At some point every pimple needs to be popped or they spontaneously pop or drain themselves. Either way, your skin has a hole in it. This laceration (cut) will heal sooner or later, the sooner the better. If it heals fast, it’s an indication of good immunity and adequate collagen production. You may have noticed that people who have acne that heals very slowly, tend to scar. Anytime your skin is lacerated (cut), and you are not producing enough collagen, scarring occurs. Skin of Gold™ was designed to stimulate collagen production. And it does!

How well does it work, you might ask? A 26 yr old woman who had acne and acne scarring half her life (for 13 yrs) was one of our first users, a Beta-test subject.  She had tried Proactiv, as well as dermatologist-prescribed products with little or no results. She got the bottle of Skin of Gold™ not because we thought it would particularly help her, but because she was a relative.  We were surprised and pleased to find out that within 3 weeks of applying Skin of Gold to her face liberally 2 or 3 times a day, the acne was GONE!  Within another week or so, it was obvious that the acne scarring was starting to fill in and heal.  The otherwise attractive young lady was delighted with the results. Since then, her acne scars have continued to improve; all but a few have completely disappeared.

We have shared this story with other people that have acne scarring, who for no known reason, expected their own acne scars to be gone within a month.  In the case we just shared with you, the scars STARTED to minimize in about a month. In yet another case, someone hearing that story determined that they could eat as much chocolate as they desired and binge on alcohol regularly. When the cream did not overcome the symptoms caused by their ongoing abuse, they felt that the product had failed them.

You don’t have to live like a monk for this to work, but there are extremes. We now refer you to a previous relevant blog post that discusses lifestyles and consequences.

Skin of Gold™ face cream will help you turn back the clock, but not all the way back to when you had teenage acne.

When we are out in public and observe someone with acne, rosacea, or skin discoloration, we offer them some Skin of Gold™ face cream. Those people with substantially blemished skin are almost always grateful.  It feels good to know that we’ve shared this product we’ve created with somebody who really needs it. Particularly with young people, self-image and confidence are linked to appearance.

When you feel better about yourself and your appearance, you allow others to accept you. This results in a change in your attitude that changes your life and your perception of life.

You probably know somebody who needs this product. Will you help them?


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    Lipids aren’t something you hear about a lot, but I think we’ll hear about them more as science catches up. Always good to have a head start! 🙂

  2. Acne scaring is something which everyone hates. Anyways, thanks so much for such nice post. I’ll make sure to consider or follow these tips in my daily routine.

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