Eco Bottles

airless pump bottles

airless pump bottle action

The airless pump bottle keeps the cream fresh and clean. When you pump out the cream, the piston at the bottom of the bottle comes up: the bottom is literally drawn up, and absolutely no air contacts the product, hence the name “airless.” Sitting on the shelf without refrigeration, our product will stay fresh well over a year.

Most of the airless pump bottles in use today have either metal parts and/or use several different types of plastics. We use totally recyclable plastic bottles.* Even our label is made of the same material, which makes the Skin of Gold™ bottle readily recyclable.

Personal care products should be packaged in virgin plastic resin for sanitary reasons. We have chosen bottles that are “natural” plastic. There are no dyes or optical brighteners added to the resin. Natural plastic recycles better than colored or clear plastic. The co-mingling of the dyes results in a murky, unpleasant color, and has limited second and third-generation uses, when compared to natural plastic.