Don’t let Herpes Outbreaks Mar your Appearance

Herpes is a class or group of viruses that are quite common at this point in time.  Most people are born with one simplex of herpes or more.

Herpes simplex 1 virus(oral herpes), referred to by the euphemism “cold sores,” like most other DNA viruses, is stimulated to reproduce by the amino acid arginine (L-arginine).  Arginine is abundant in nuts, seeds and beans.

So the more of these foods you consume, the more herpes outbreaks you will have, whether it’s oral, genital or any other type.

Oral herpes is particularly contagious when the lesions (cold sores) are visible. It is advised to abstain from kissing or other personal contact when lesion outbreaks are happening.

The amino acid lysine (L-lysine) suppresses the reproduction of DNA viruses, including all the herpes. Lysine is abundant in many foods. For many people with a herpes problem, it’s advisable to get capsules of lysine.

Coffee consumption can increase the frequency of cold sore flare-ups in people who are already infected with herpes.

Many people with herpes viral infections who abstain completely from nuts and take lysine supplements daily go years without a herpes outbreak. If you put this information to work, you can be one of them.

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