Dietary Fiber & Hygiene are Required for Radiant Health

Delicious remedy for irregularity

Most of us have had episodes of irregularity. Not only do we feel sluggish when we cannot eliminate waste from our colon, but our skin color turns somewhat gray and cloudy. The most common cause for constipation and irregularity is inadequate consumption of water, which we have previously addressed. The next most common cause is lack of adequate fiber. The media brings us many messages about our bodies’ requirements for fiber, and products that will supply it. This one-sided source of information nearly always has a processed food sponsoring the message.

But the truth is, the foods of commerce (foods made to sell, really not to eat) have minimal nutritional value. Most of the nutrients and fiber have been taken out…and if you pay a little extra they’ll put some of it back in. It’s probably a better idea to eat a salad of raw vegetables (we’re not talking about macaroni or potato salad), at least 1 serving of fresh fruit daily, and a serving of soaked flax seeds.  For those of us who consume meat, this probably won’t be enough and will need regular portions of beans and/or brown rice. Beans are very high in fiber and a very good source of the amino-acid lysine. Lysine is the limiting-growth factor for most mammals including humans, so it’s excellent to help children grow. The combination of beans & rice is a staple for many of the world’s peoples. They would undoubtedly outlive their industrialized cousins if they had adequate hygiene.

Gerontologists and medical science has established that hygiene (keeping yourself clean) is more responsible for the increase in life-expectancy than all other factors combined, including nutrition and medical attention of all types! This is a strong statement that should not be overlooked. Concealed cameras over the hand-sinks in public lavatories reveal that a minority of people wash their hands…and those that do, run cold water over their hands for 10 seconds without the benefit of soap. This practice is filthy, foolish and extremely popular.

30 seconds of this to eliminate...

At least 30 seconds of hand-washing with hot water and soap is required to eliminate fecal bacteria from your hand…and washing hands before eating is always indicated for those of us who intend to live well and survive to a ripe old age without looking ancient.

All this can simply be summed up as:

  • Drink enough water and avoid diuretics.
  • Consume a fundamentally sound plant-based diet heavy in raw foods.
  • Shower daily and wash your hands with soap frequently.

It’s all pretty simple – why do so few of us do it?

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