Customer Reviews

“When I started using Skin of Gold, I used it all over my body and still do. I love it because of the health properties it contains. I knew right away, even before I used it, that it was an awesome creme! I relate to it energetically. The energy it contains feels really good to me and I just know it’s good for me! I love it so much I use it a few times a day, even as a hand creme and its one of my favorite body care products! Now I also share the creme with others so they can reap the benefits of it also!”
Katina Shaw,
Lotus Life Health Coaching

“After using many expensive European skin systems, this is the only cream I’ve been using for about 14 months and very happy with it. I’m 67 and this cream has made me look and feel young. People are asking me “what are you doing, you look younger?” I’m very pleased with the way the skin feels with this cream on it. Seems to have a relaxing effect, and the back of my hands look younger.”
Anita E.N., Hollywood, CA

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“For years I was a runway and print ad model, hence I have used all of the high-end skin products available. Nothing compares to Skin of Gold. Due to emotional stress, I had a viral outbreak and the lesions were still on my skin when I first started using this cream. My doctor said it would take many weeks to clear up. I was pleasantly surprised when the lesions disappeared within 10 days. This is the only face cream I want to use, and when it’s not on my bathroom shelf, I feel a lack.”
Samuel Roberts, Manhattan, NY

“My skin looks and feels much healthier, more translucent and has a rosier color. It helped heal areas damaged by acne. My skin “drank” it up within minutes after application and no residue was detectable. What pleased me most about this product? How well it hydrated and nourished my skin. For the first 2 weeks of use my skin burned and stung for a few minutes after application. Then after about 20 days of use I had some dry patches and peeling in different areas. This exfoliation seemed very beneficial and revealed softer, healthier skin.”
K.F., Portland, OR

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“I started using the Skin of Gold cream in the Spring of 2010 ( March), I was told not to use any other beauty cream for three weeks and see if this would work . At the end of three weeks and especially in four weeks I noticed my face was fuller and youthful. Now seven months later people say how young I look (I am 65 years old) and I can say that I have gained the facial volume I had lost due to age, which makes me look younger. It was a bonus to find that a “lesion” under my neck, toward my collarbone had disappeared during the use of cream on my neck. I always thought I would see a doctor to have this removed. Now I started using it on a mole on my leg beneath my knee and although it is too early but I feel it has gone down already. Skin of Gold is a wonderful product which I would advise to everybody, young and old, male or female.”
A.D., LaSalle, Ontario

“I just feel blessed that I learned about this product. I’m 80 years old and I believe this Skin of Gold works so well for aging skin. I use it for my face as well as feet. This has been the way to heal the cracks on my heels that happen from dry skin.” Vera D., Montana

“It is better than a lot of other products I have used, and simple and natural.”
Lizza H., Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

“My complexion is consistently more healthy looking. I had mild acne on my neck that substantially decreased when I started using this cream and shaved more gently. It seemed to noticeably accelerate healing of the skin. I had a chafed nose from blowing it too much during a cold. It healed overnight using the cream.”
Ben F., Portland, OR

“I’m a 38 year old male rock musician. I’ve never used any kind of cream on my skin before but really miss this stuff when I don’t have it.”
Szymon R., Manhattan, NY

“I used this product on skin affected by a chronic fungal infection. Within 3 days, itching had stopped completely. Within 3 days of running out it returned, but not as bad as before. Amazing!”
L.S., New York City, NY

“No more dry skin. Hurray! Much less redness and blotchiness, improved complexion. My skin texture is much smoother and softer. What pleased me most about this cream is the reduction in dry, irritated skin and less blemishes and my acne disappeared.”
R.L., Portland, OR

“Using Skin of Gold for the past 7 months has repaired decades of sun damage. Within the first month of using it, ugly yellowing with a distasteful texture around my eyes and temporal area disappeared! The texture of my skin is better than I ever remember it. It’s smooth and soft, and is much tighter and firmer. I was born with eczema all over my back. This has caused me to have a chronic, nearly constant, sometimes crazy-making itch. After having this cream applied to my back 3x a week for 5 weeks, the itch seems to be permanently gone. After the second application the itching was significantly reduced. I haven’t used it on my back for about 2 months and the itch hasn’t returned. I’m in my 60’s, making these results even more outstanding.”
S.D. White Plains, NY

“I have many lines on my face. They are starting to go away! Wonderful! There is an overall improvement in complexion, especially reducing the lines.”
Natasha M., Spring Valley, New York

“When I first started using this face cream, I had a few dark deposits on the skin above my cheekbones and numerous tiny lipomas around my eyes. In about a month, the dark spots dried up and fell off. About a month after that, I noticed the lipomas were shrinking. A few additional months after that, nearly all but the largest were gone. I thought I still had two large ones left, but I’ve noticed as I’m writing this, I’m down to one. As this continues, my entire eye area will clear up. I’m so happy. When I apply Skin of Gold on my face, the skin around my eyes seems to drink it in more than the rest. When I don’t have this cream on my skin, I feel like something’s really missing.”

[update Sept.21, 2011]  “All my facial skin problems gradually disappeared and my skin has never felt so good.”
A.D., Hillsdale, NY

“I had a skin peel procedure done in December and used your small sample of cream for the following week. When I returned to the dermatologist 7 days later, he asked what product I used after the peel, because the usual red, raw healing stage of the skin was absent. I believe that small sample of Skin of Gold, or the actual gold in it, helped heal my skin amazingly fast. I wanted to say thank you for sending me the face cream. I just love it and feel it’s doing such a wonderful job on my face. For many years I didn’t treat my face for the lack of knowledge if you will and as the years went on it became a must that I do something about it. I am grateful to you both for helping me feel beautiful again wishing you all the success.”
Owner, Marie Joseph, Victoria Boutique, LaSalle, Ontario

“I am guilty of using my precious samples sparingly but I love the cream so much that I want to buy it and don’t feel that I have to save it. I have used so many different creams, mainly natural and organic products, and I always have problems because you don’t have a sample and don’t know how your skin reacts until you buy a whole portion. I know that in my case Skin of Gold does not cause any irritations, clogging or any other negative effect, but instead makes my skin feel really smooth and hydrated without feeling greasy or uncomfortable. I even have one age spot that is starting to disappear! I love that it is vegan and cruelty free. I would (and have in fact) recommend this cream to anyone and are hoping to feature samples in our B&B to our guests. I would not put out samples of anything I don’t love myself. Looking forward to my purchase!”
Christina Renzi, NY,

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