Choices that are Death to Complexion

Foods that are good for your complexion?

For many people the 4 basic food groups are sugar, grease, chocolate and salt. In a world where these food groups are generally recognized, a chocolate donut would be the near-perfect food. After all, these little nuggets have all the basic food groups in abundance.

Unfortunately for those who consider the chocolate donut to be the nearly-ideal food, skin problems are common.  They would have to be in a population that is so confused.  If you want your skin to clear up and look better, eliminate fried foods, chocolate, sugar, alcoholic and carbonated beverages, and drink an ample supply of pure water.

Is it really that simple?  Yes, it is really that simple.

If you weigh the factors and come to a decision on whether you’re going to eat a particular food, each time it becomes available, it’s only a matter of time before you have a moment of weakness and decide to consume the food in question. If you instead set a policy for this type of food such as “rarely” “seldom,” or “never” you’ll probably eat a lot less detrimental junk.

When you have established your own personal rules and guidelines, it is easy for others to respect them. For example, a friend offers you a desert and you respond, “I don’t know if I should”… then their predictable response is, “Oh, go ahead, this one time.”  When your response to the dessert offer is, “The only desert I eat is a small slice of wedding cake at weddings” or “I never drink alcoholic beverages” or “I don’t eat sugary deserts after 8pm” others will respect your choices because it reflects your policy rather than acceptance of your host or their generosity.

To make it really simple, when you have personal policies in place, it’s obvious to others this is about you and your choices and has nothing to do with rejecting them or their generosity.  The clearer you are within yourself with these matters, the easier it will be for others to accept your choices.

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