Skin Discoloration: Characteristics, Causes and Remedies – Part 2

The single largest cause of skin discolorations are fungal infections. Although these fungi primarily are visible in the skin and nail beds, they are systemic in nature (affecting your entire body). How is Sugar related to Skin Discoloration? The human population as a group is quite addicted to sugar in its various forms. High fructose […]

Do you have Skin Fungus, Yeast Symptoms or is Candida making you Bloat? – Part 1

All of us have fungus, yeast and mold in our bodies, and oftentimes fungus in our skin. This is unavoidable. Some of these life forms are beneficial. They are part of the microfauna and microflora in our digestive tracts. When the pathological (disease-causing) varieties become very abundant in our bodies, we lose vitality, longevity and […]

How much Skin of Gold™ is right for you?

When the Skin of Gold™ formula was being beta-tested, three things were obvious: 1. it was a great formula with a wide acceptance. 2. it was effective for a broad range of skin problems. 3. it seemed to work better for some people than others. We investigated the reasons for the differing outcomes. To put […]

The Dirty Dozen Ingredients that are Not in Skin of Gold™

We present a list of 12 ingredients used in body care products that pose a substantial risk to you and the environment. When discussing toxic ingredients, it’s important to keep things in balance. Medical doctors, pharmacists and toxicologists are all taught that all substances are potentially toxic when consumed in sufficient quantities. “All substances” includes […]