BeeBoong the cat eats Skin of Gold™ face cream and is healthy as ever

Cat eats Skin of Gold face cream

BeeBoong the cat

Recently we received an email form a cat owner who had left the Trial Size container of Skin of Gold™ face cream where her eccentric cat could get to it. Apparently the cat really liked Skin of Gold™ and thought it was good enough to eat (that’s not unusual – BeeBoong eats just  about anything).

Of course anyone would be concerned about their pet’s health if it consumed face cream. Skin of Gold™ is non-toxic, and is free of bio-accumulative, carcinogenic ingredients. We reassured the his owner, and everything seems to be ok.

But this brought up some questions for us. Would it actually help the cat’s skin if he consumed it? Not that we suggest that. And how would we know? it has hair all over its skin. But maybe not, it could be one of those ghastly hairless cats.

But when the picture arrived, we knew it was the fuzzy kind. Looking at the photo, we knew it was one beautiful cat in spite of its culinary tastes, or lack of them.


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