What makes Botanical Joy,LLC an eco-friendly, “green” company?

We started “green” and we’re staying “green.” We have spent the time and effort required to locate a totally recyclable airless pump bottle.   Even the label, which looks metallic is made of #5 plastic, and is recyclable. The Trial-Sample size container is also made of #5 plastic.  We chose the “natural” color plastic because it […]

How well does it work for wrinkles?

A.G. from Montreal sent us this:  “ I have to ask, how well does it work for wrinkles? The skin around the eyes is very delicate, so I only use a specific cream designed for that area.  Most facial creams specify to avoid the eye contours, because they are not meant to prevent/reduce crow’s feet.” […]

Is Skin of Gold™ an all-natural skin cream?

Skin of Gold™ is a very natural and non-toxic formula. The largest single ingredient is purified water, followed by coconut oil. The botanicals and essential oils are organic.  There are several ingredients which are also used as food supplements. Some of the trace ingredients are highly processed, and therefore not natural.  NONE of our ingredients […]

Why should I buy a skin cream from a small company?

One of the largest expenses built into mainstream products is advertising.  With many skin products, it IS the largest expense.  This explains why an inferior product containing gold costs over $240/oz at the mall or salon. Our product is shipped ONCE, from us to you.  The stuff you buy from a reseller is shipped to […]