What’s new in B Vitamins?

Do you know what the word “vitamin” means? The definition of vitamin is a nutrient that you cannot live without. Some of these substances we make within us and most must be consumed in the diet. B vitamins are an example of both groups. When we are healthy and have not been exposed to antibiotics, […]

Bioflavonoids, Spider Veins, Bruising and Great Looking Skin

Bioflavonoids are important constituents in fruits, and to some extent, vegetables.  “Bioflavonoids” is a term that encompasses many phytochemicals (from plants). In the last decade-and-a-half, there have been thousands of studies done on bioflavonoids documenting their benefits and their necessity for optimal health. One of the most obvious indications of bioflavonoid deficiency is bruising. While […]

Don’t Run for Your Health, Walk for Life!

When you consider the exercise and fitness practices of people you’re familiar with, you’ll see how immoderate we humans are.  There are many people who spend a great deal of time and energy pursuing sports, fitness and vanity. Then there are the rest of us who, by and large, seldom do much more than walk […]

Dietary Fiber & Hygiene are Required for Radiant Health

Most of us have had episodes of irregularity. Not only do we feel sluggish when we cannot eliminate waste from our colon, but our skin color turns somewhat gray and cloudy. The most common cause for constipation and irregularity is inadequate consumption of water, which we have previously addressed. The next most common cause is […]