Works well for 80 yr old skin

“I just feel blessed that I learned about this product. I’m 80 years old and I believe this Skin of Gold works so well for aging skin. I use it for my face as well as feet. This has been the way to heal the cracks on my heels that happen from dry skin.” Vera […]

BeeBoong the cat eats Skin of Gold™ face cream and is healthy as ever

Cat eats Skin of Gold™ face cream and is healthy as ever.

Makes my skin feel really smooth and hydrated…

I am guilty of using my precious samples sparingly but I love the cream so much that I want to buy it and don’t feel that I have to save it. I have used so many different creams, mainly natural and organic products, and I always have problems because you don’t have a sample and […]

Pleased with the way the skin feels…

“After using many expensive European skin systems, this is the only cream I’ve been using for about 14 months and very happy with it. I’m 67 and this cream has made me look and feel young. People are asking me “what are you doing, you look younger?” I’m very pleased with the way the skin […]