Refreshing way to detox, lose weight and feel better – original recipe!

Why do we store toxins instead of eliminating them? Drinking this somewhat dilute & refreshing fruit smoothie WILL help you detoxify rapidly.

I used it all over my body…

 “When I started using Skin of Gold, I used it all over my body and still do. I love it because of the health properties it contains. I knew right away, even before I used it, that it was an awesome creme! I relate to it energetically. The energy it contains feels really good to […]

Are you “dying” to get a tattoo?

A recent FDA study found that many tattoo inks contain known health-threatening heavy metals and other carcinogenic substances. Read on for links about this issue currently in the news.

Common deadly cosmetic ingredient paraben found in 99% of breast tumors

Common deadly cosmetic ingredients – paraben esters – are found in 99% of breast tumors.