Avon, Estee Lauder, Mary Kay’s apparent animal testing fraud stimulates legal greed

Recent deceptive headlines paint Avon as the sole cosmetic company bad boys in an animal testing fraud. The truth is that Estee Lauder and Mary Kay, along with Avon, are being sued for the same fraud.

According to industry sources, the three offending companies conducted animal testing to comply with Chinese law so that they could do hundreds of millions of dollars in sales in China. The alleged fraud is that they were not truthful with American consumers about their policies for testing on animals.

An L.A. law firm asserts that 1,000,000 consumers were “injured” by this deception and seek restitution and punitive damages. This seems pretty crazy. These companies have tens of millions of customers, and why does each “injured” customer deserve $100? And what part of the 100 million dollars that they seek will be compensation for the greedy lawyers?

What about the rats, mice, bunnies, puppies or monkeys? Whatever kind of critters they tortured in order to penetrate the Chinese market, aren’t getting a dime! Apparently the only kind of monkeys that are going to make out on this deal live in L.A. and have ESQ. on their business cards.

There are plenty of consumer fraud statutes in place, and it is our opinion that the Federal Trade Commission and/or the consumer protection agencies of the several states should pursue this to insure transparency and to discourage consumer fraud, rather than the get-rich monkeys moving in on yet another 9-figure judgement.



  1. Linda says:

    Deception and bias and even unthinkable things are being done by scientist. The very core of it is not to inform the public how they do it. This all applies to all their works. Only the positive sides are revealed but the testing is concealed. Greed comes to companies who compete. It is a turmoil it is war of business.

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