Is Skin of Gold™ an all-natural skin cream?

orgainic ingredientsSkin of Gold™ is a very natural and non-toxic formula. The largest single ingredient is purified water, followed by coconut oil. The botanicals and essential oils are organic.  There are several ingredients which are also used as food supplements. Some of the trace ingredients are highly processed, and therefore not natural.  NONE of our ingredients are toxic or bioaccumulative.  The term bioaccumulative describes substances that build up and accumulate within your body.

Bioaccumulative materials should be avoided, as they pose long-term health risks. Environmental toxins and pollution are stressing our bodies’ capacities to deal with these accumulated burdens.  Some of the chemical names are more than a little scary.  We remind you that ascorbyl palmitate is fat-soluble Vitamin C, which is very good for you.  MSM, one of the ingredients in Skin of Gold™, is a widely used sulfur supplement.  Many people lack this mineral because they don’t eat enough raw leafy greens. If you didn’t know better, you might think it was somehow related to a pesticide or a glue ingredient, or some sort of anti-freeze component.  We encourage you to look at the ingredients page, where we have explained each ingredient accurately and in more detail than most people are interested in.

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