This section of our website, like the rest, is for you. We realize some of you will want to know something about us, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.

The founders of Botanical Joy, LLC have created and are marketing Skin of Gold™. Our cream and other products under development are intended for those seeking healthy and highly effective personal care products. The founders’ approach and perspectives are pivotal to this process. The partnership is comprised of both a man and a woman. Ariana is a mother of two boys, the youngest soon to be a teenager. She has always been very conscious of the purity of the foods and personal care products she and her family consume. Her personal library is comprised primarily of cookbooks and topics of natural living, nutrition, self-reliance and homeschooling.

She is a regular visitor to websites that disseminate responsible, balanced information on health and wellness. She’s not a big consumer of make-up products and has a preference for natural skincare. The motivation began with chronic eczema and her quest to overcome it. This has been achieved through emotional healing and change of diet. She attributes the removal of mercury amalgam fillings as a significant step toward overcoming eczema and other long standing problems. She has always relied upon herbs, homeopathics and other natural remedies as her family’s primary health-care approach. Her family has done so for generations. In fact, she inherited an ancient brass mortar and pestle from her grandmother.

This mom entrepreneur and graphic designer has aspired to be an internet marketer for years. She has educated herself about all the technical marketing information and has only recently commenced these activities because now she has a product she really believes in. It’s important to her that the product is ethically produced, environmentally packaged and works well.

She’d be the last to say it, but nearly everyone who knows her, likes her. She is kind, generous, and sincere, and greets the world with a smile. She’s humble and steps aside so others can be in the limelight…and I REALLY had to twist her arm to get her to type this!

I, Steven Douglas, on the other hand, am the male member of the partnership. I’ve spent my life in the pursuit of experiences and information. For the past couple of decades or so, I’ve immersed myself in the study of natural medicine. This has resulted in a variety of experiences. I have worked for a high-profile non-profit organization doing nutritional consultations, and with various types of practitioners, including medical doctors, a holistic dentist, a chiropractor, working at a practitioner-only herbal product company, various retail venues, as well as doing private consultations at my own office. The gratification I experience from helping others to restore their health, is intense and poignant.

For nearly a decade, I’ve experimented with formulations of essential oils, herbs and herbal extracts, combining them with nutrients and foods. Some work better than others, and a number of them astonished even me. This is the case with Skin of Gold™. I knew it would be good, but wow!

Obviously I’m not as humble and charming as my counterpart, but I think I’m as sincere and well-meaning.

We usually work together well. I’m told I can get along with anybody on my own terms. Our common goal of producing and marketing a product as a service to mankind gets us through the rough spots.